1. Eco Nation online shop, managed by Adomas Vasiliauskas under individual activity certificate no. 685609, from here on referred to as the Seller. A natural person or a legal person, who bought items and paid for them in the manner prescribed at Eco Nation shop from here on will be referred to as the Buyer.
  2. These rules apply only at Eco Nation shop, found online at
  3. The Seller can change, correct, and update the rules and other conditions at any time at his discretion without informing the Buyer in advance. New rules and their changes take effect from the day they were posted on Eco Nation LT website.
  4. The Buyer cannot purchase the items at Eco Nation online shop without reading and accepting its Terms and Conditions first.
  5. When the Buyer tick on “I have read and agree with Terms and conditions”, it is considered that the Buyer is informed about the Terms and Conditions of the shop and accepts them without reservation.
  6. The Seller is released from any liability if, after the Buyer experiences any loss, it is revealed that the Buyer didn’t pay attention to the recommendations and terms stated on this website, even though he or she had a possibility to do so.


  1. The Buyer does not have to register to the website in order to use the website as intended, but if the Buyer decides to register, He is obliged to give His personal information as asked on the form before purchasing any items.
  2. The Seller confirms the Buyer’s registration automatically, and the system sends a confirmation to the Buyer to the given email address with the information necessary to log in. The Seller confirms that the fact of the Buyer’s registration doesn’t mean that the Buyer will receive newsletters except for the ones necessary to fulfill the Seller’s commitments to the Buyer.
  3. The Buyer commits to secure his or her login information to the Eco Nation website and not to reveal it to the third party. If the login information is revealed to the third party, the Buyer takes all of the related responsibilities.
  4. The Seller commits to keep the Buyer’s personal information secure from any third parties, except the Seller’s business partners, who are responsible for the delivery of the purchases and other services related to the Buyer’s order.
  5. The Seller commits to ensure the safety of the Buyer’s personal information as it is declared by law.
  6. The Buyer, after reading the Terms and Conditions, confirms, that he or she is informed about the cookies that will be installed in his or her computer when browsing the Eco Nation website.


  1. The prices on Eco Nation online shop are final, all of them already include the 21% VAT.
  2. The order’s transportation (or delivery) fee is shown while forming the order, before the confirmation.
  3. The Buyer pays for the items by one of the methods of payment provided.
  4. The Seller commits to provide the Buyer with correct information, necessary to pay for the purchase, but is not responsible for the low quality services of banks, payment systems, and possible losses related to the issues.
  5. The Buyer commits to pay for the purchases immediately. If not, he or she loses the right to make claims for violation of deadlines for purchase’s delivery. This commitment is not valid if the Buyer chooses to pay for purchase in cash to the courier who delivered it.


  1. The Buyer, when placing an order, commits to give an address for the delivery and a contact phone number.
  2. The Buyer commits to receive the items he or she ordered in person. If it is not possible, the Buyer must inform the Seller about the changes in contact information.
  3. Eco Nation items are delivered by the Seller’s partner AB “Lithuanian Post”, couriers “LPExprex” and “DPD Lithuania”.
  1. The Buyer accepts that in exceptional cases the delivery may be delayed because of circumstances which the Seller is not responsible for. In this case, the Seller commits to get in touch with the Buyer immediately and agree upon the issues concerning the delivery.
  2. The Seller is released from liability for the violation of delivery deadlines if the items are not delivered or delivered later because of the Buyer’s fault.


  1. The Buyer has the right to return the unwanted items within 14 working days since the moment they were given to him or her. This right is based on the fact that the Buyer is not pleased with the item’s measurements, form, size, colour, or other features.
  2. The Seller is not responsible for any kind of decline in item’s quality when compared to its original state after the Buyer used the item  not for its proper purpose or didn’t follow the care instructions noted in the item’s description.
  3. The return of the items is only possible if they meet these requirements:
  1. they were not used,
  2. they were not damaged,
  3. they did not lose their marketable appearance,
  4. the original labels were not removed.

The changes in the item that are necessary to examine it are not considered as damage or changes in the item’s marketable appearance. In all cases, the items must be returned within their original packaging.

  1. In order to return an item, the Buyer must contact us by writing an email to [email protected]. Every appeal will be solved individually.
  2. In case of return, the whole sum of the purchase is to be refunded in 5 working days from the day of agreement upon the return.
  3. The Buyer is given an option to exchange the unwanted item to another one that is on the market at that moment and of the same price. Should the Buyer decide to exchange a recently bought item, they have to inform the Seller about it by email. In al cases, the exchange is made on the same order and at the same deadlines as they are indicated in the case of item return.
  4. When an unwanted item is being returned, the delivery costs and COD fees are not compensated to the Buyer. In case an item is being returned for its poor quality, the delivery costs are paid by the Seller.



  1. The Buyer has a right: to purchase an item for the price indicated in the online shop under the Terms and Conditions stated here; to refuse an item, letting the Seller know about the intended return in 14 days after the item was purchased.
  2. The Buyer commits: to follow the Terms and Conditions stated here; not to give their login information to the third party,
  3. The Seller has a right: to stop the practice of the shop; to change the rules of the shop; to change the assortment and the prices in the shop; to limit or cancel the Buyer’s account, prohibiting them to use the shop’s services if the Buyer is malignantly causing harm to the shop or the Seller; to cancel the Buyer’s order if the Buyer is delaying the payment or the order is placed misleadingly or incorrectly.
  4. The Seller is not responsible for the losses caused by the Buyer not familiarizing himself or herself with these Terms and Conditions.
  5. Both parties agree that in case of the issue caused by one of the parties, the responsible one has to refund the loss made to the other party.
  6. It is strictly prohibited to copy or otherwise distribute the information and visual content found on  website.
  7. Both parties commit to solve any arguments by negotiation. If an argument is not solved this way, it will further be solved in order determined by Lithuanian Republic law statements.
  8. These Terms and Conditions are based on Lithuanian Republic law statements.