How to Tell Your Friends That You Are… ?

Tips on educating your friends

Friends are, no doubt, one of the most important assets to our lives. However, as the time goes by, you and your old fellas may start getting very different views on how to lead your lives, how to treat our environment, what’s important and what’s not, what you can and cannot tolerate, and so on. If you’ve just become a vegan, an eco-fashionista, a zero-waster, or a no plastic advocate, be ready for some strong reactions even from your best of besties. OK, maybe your best of besties should have seen it coming, as these kind of life changes don’t happen overnight, but you might just catch your other friends by surprise! Stick to a certain set of rules when opening up the topic, though. Here are a few of our suggestions:

● Wait for the most adequate moment to tell them. Seriously! 😉
● Don’t preach and don’t think of yourself as a better person than them. Remember, you’ve learnt all those things yourself relatively recently.
● Information is key. Let them ask questions first and have a list of facts that will give you credit and will keep you going with the conversation.
● Don’t pinpoint to the things they do “wrong.” Better take your own previous and present behaviours as your examples letting them know how the change makes you feel.
● Don’t get into details too much. Better leave it for later and for those who are really ready and willing to learn more.
● Be ready for the worst-case scenario and stop the conversation when you start hearing inadequate, ignorant, or defensive comments.
● Take note of the things they mentioned or asked about that you couldn’t answer. This is your homework for the future.

Most importantly: remember that you won’t save the world by yourself, right here and right now. Be the best ambassador for the cause in question that you can be without hurting or annoying anyone. Trust the ripple effect – the notion that we influence one another with the smallest of details of our behaviour and language in a long term.


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