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Fashion, ethics, and awareness

Welcome to the official blog of the very first vegan, ethical, and eco-friendly online shop in Lithuania! We are Audra and Adomas, the founders of Eco Nation shop and its blog.

After taking care of our health and ethical diet, we’ve decided to make kind changes in our wardrobes as well. However, only after a little while, we’ve noticed that apart from trips to second-hand shops, which is a kind of guilty pleasure of ours since our rebellious adolescence, finding not only a stylish but also a vegan, eco-friendly, and ethically-made piece of clothing is nearly impossible. This set off an idea in our minds to help changing this situation by founding our very own clothing shop that meets all of the criteria mentioned above. We understand that simply offering a place for changes is not enough, so we’ve created a blog to accompany our shop, inform our readers, and dig deeper into the ideas that our project is based on.

Because if you aim to tolerate, accepting is enough, but if you aim to change, you need to understand.

Sustainable, ethical, and vegan fashion blog
Blog about sustainable fashion

Our mission is to draw our readers’ attention to an ever-accelerating pace of the fashion world. In it the quantity is more important than quality, and the buyers are insisted upon to pay as little as possible, saving their money for the price of producers’ health, the well-being of animals, and our environment. We’ve always had the freedom of choice, but now we have a possibility to make a good choice a lot easier.

These are the leading questions and ideas that work as our project’s skeleton and that will be discussed thoroughly on this blog.

Ecology. What exactly is eco-friendly or sustainable fashion? Why do we pay for it more today, and how will it undoubtedly change tomorrow? Can eco-friendly fashion be stylish? What’s the difference between eco-friendly materials and eco-unfriendly ones, and how some eco-friendly alternatives are better than others? What’s the difference between fast fashion and slow fashion?

Ethical and fair trade. What is “fair trade”? What are “sweatshops” and how widely they are spread? How many collections per year do mass-oriented clothing brands produce, and how the relating issues impact nearly everyone in this world?

Veganism. What is it, and what does it have to do with our clothes? Why wearing fur, leather, wool, down, feathers, and silk is unethical and harmful to the environment? What can you use instead of these “good old” animal-derived materials, and why the world will thank you for it?

Why “Nation”? Because you can’t change the world alone. On the other hand, to change the world one has to start from oneself. We are a part of a nature-loving nation that still maintains a strong connection with it. Green ideas are not that alien to us yet. If we take a look at our past, we’ll find so many signs of what now is considered a progressive point of view scattered throughout our history.

When thinking globally, we, human beings, are actually one huge nation, sharing our responsibility for everything that we do on this Earth. That’s why we can’t just hide behind our borders; we must learn from each other and find the things that we can teach others. We have to recognize and take a good look at ourselves in this global community of people in order to create and have that peaceful and rich tomorrow or, actually, any tomorrow, for that matter.

We promise to share everything that we know about green fashion and learn as much as we can about it together with you.


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