“Don’t overwash,” asks you the Care Label Project

Laundry tips

The Care Label Project is a new initiative set out to change our old clothing care habits that, apparently, can sometimes do more harm than good. The fellows behind the project claim that “25% of the carbon footprint of clothes comes from the way we care for them.” And that’s a real problem concerning not only the quality and longevity of our clothes but also the environment.

According to the Care Label Project, we inherit our habits of clothing care from our parents who were not only dealing with clothing of a completely different quality back in the day but also with a sort of propaganda held by detergent and washing machine companies. Apparently, even label reading is not as straightforward as it may seem and their misinterpretations lead us to the poor treatment of our clothes and even often determine our decisions whether to buy the garment or leave it behind.

The project set out to add a more informative label to thousands of clothes in order to change the way we take care of our garments. There are three basic rules that they want you to remember and follow: wash less, wash in lower temperatures, and dry clean only when you have to.

Check out the project’s guide for some interesting facts about our laundry habits and some good tips on how to take care of our garments better. However, as TreeHugger cleverly points out, be aware that the project was initiated by domestic electric appliance maker AEG, so some of the laundry suggestions in the guide, as for example using a low-temperature tumble-dryer instead of suggesting air drying, should be met with a critical eye. Nevertheless, the project, which is backed up by such authoritative supporters as Fashion Revolution, Not Just a Label, and a handful of slow fashion designers, is certainly a progressive step forward that should be greeted with a strong nod by the eco fashion buffs.

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