How to Tell Your Friends That You Are… ?

Tips on educating your friends

If you’ve just become a vegan, an eco-fashionista, a zero-waster, or a no plastic advocate, be ready for some strong reactions even from your best of besties.

13 DIY Ideas for How to Give Your Clothes a New Life

DIY Ideas For Fashion Crafts

Let’s keep reducing-reusing-recycling and we just might muddle through our ecology crisis. For starters, here are 13 ideas for how to give your clothes a second life.

Fair Trade or When Cheap Fashion Costs Too Much

On fast and cheap fashion and why it wouldn´t survive without the horrifying practices of modern slavery.

Animal-Derived Materials in Our Wardrobes: Fur

Wearing fur only as a symbol of status sadly reminds us of our ancestors’ behaviour and certainly does not give a nod to the accomplishments of our civilization.

ECO NATION BLOG: Let’s Leave the Food out of This

Fashion, ethics, and awareness

Welcome to the official blog of the very first vegan, ethical, and eco-friendly online shop in Lithuania! We are Audra and Adomas, the founders of Eco Nation shop and its blog. After taking care of our health and ethical diet, we’ve decided to make kind changes in our wardrobes as well. However, only after a […]