All of the clothes and accessories that you can find now and will always find in the future in our shop are vegan, that is, animal-free. And that’s certainly not a coincidence. There two strong reasons, why did we decide to walk this path and encourage other to use natural and synthetic alternatives to animal-derived products – they are animal rights and ecology.

Probably no one will deny that humans have a right to live, have a right to be healthy, and have a right to have a decent and dignified life. A human is an animal. Therefore, it is difficult not to conclude that an animal has a right to live, to be healthy, and have a decent and dignified life. Animal rights activists and somewhat more passive supporters of the cause agree that other, non-human, animals don’t belong to humans, they were never made to satisfy people’s needs, be it food, clothes, cosmetics, home appliances, scientific tests, and entertainment.

And it doesn’t really matter whether we were made at all or became what we are today thanks to evolution – the lives of people and animals have been always intertwined. Unfortunately, in recent centuries it is the lives and destinies of non-human species that became dramatically dependent on human activities and insatiable wish to satisfy their needs, following their ancient traditions and customs, certainly not the other way around. However, if we truly want to step forward inside our path of evolution and become something higher than animals, proud of our unique mental abilities, emotional intellect, the achievements of our civilisation, fast development of technologies and other sciences, and, most importantly, self-awareness and consciousness, we must start acting accordingly.

By refusing to wear animal-derived clothes, shoes, and accessories, we will finally admit and prove ourselves that we stand on a higher level, that we’ve moved up the ladder of human evolution from where our ancestors stood, the ones that flayed the furs and skins from wild animals, because it was the best if not the only option for them. We will also admit and prove that we are more developed than our ancestors, who could only maintain their social status and demonstrate their greatest achievements by wearing the trophies, flayed, cracked, or cut from animal bodies. We have a chance, sitting in our hands, to save millions and millions of innocent lives every year. Not to mention the abundance of alternatives that we’ve made for ourselves that are not only saving animals, but are also better for our health, and for the well-being of the environment.

We encourage you to take the pledge and stop wearing animal-derived clothes and accessories for the environment too. Husbandry is one of the most harmful human activities out there. In this case, it hardly matters whether the animals are grown for food or for garment industry – the amounts of food they consume, the gas they emit, and the biological and chemical waste from farming pollute the air, the waters, and the soil, causing dramatic consequences to the whole ecosystem on Earth. the wild animals trapped in fur farms are dealing with physical and psychological suffering, which we’re hardly able to understand, whereas the hunting is the prime cause of fast extinction of particular species.Fur treatment and dyeing require harsh chemicals to be used, which causes factory workers and nearby residents serious allergic reactions, skin and respiratory system illnesses, eyesight problems. These are only a few examples of how one human industry is causing an undeniable harm to the whole ecosystem.

The basic animal-derived materials used in the fashion industry are fur, leather, wool, down, and silk. By refusing to wear and use the products made of these materials we’ll achieve more good than we could ever possibly imagine.