Our vision is to eventually become the centre of attraction for everyone who’s looking for eco-friendly, ethically made, and vegan clothing, accessories, or footwear in Lithuania and Europe. Also, with our active blog we wish to inform the reader about the green fashion, spreading the information on its global importance and gathering a progressive community, heedful of their environment and of themselves as a part of it.

Eco Nation shop is a much-needed alternative for the grand clothing and footwear brands, which propagate mass production and destructive fast fashion. It’s dedicated to people between 16 and 40 years of age and for those who are beyond this age frame, although youthful, stylish, and mindful of the welfare of our environment, who are on an average or higher than average income. Eco Nation blog is a place, where our readers will be able to learn everything that is important to know about the green fashion movement and a place which they’ll be able to recommend to their friends and family as a reliable source of information on eco-friendly fashion worldwide. The blog will inform the readers and will reinforce the growth of a strong community, who might care about the assortment in our shop.

The values of Eco Nation: responsibility, communication, community, comfort, availability, love for animals, people, and nature.
We believe that by giving our customers a place to find eco-friendly, durable, comfortable, and stylish clothes for a reasonable price and dedicating our time to our blog, which the reader can rely on as a source of useful information on green fashion, we can gather a community with its people responsible for themselves and their environment. This community, then, can inspire others to responsibly choose not only what to eat and consume, but also what to wear.