Braintree Clothing is one of the first eco-friendly clothing brands in the world, founded in Australia in 1995 and moved to Great Britain in 2002. Now Braintree Clothing offers women and men collections, flirting with contemporary classics, from underwear to outerwear, made of organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, and wool (note: as we only offer and encourage to wear vegan clothes, wool is not included into the Eco Nation collection).

Since its very beginning, Braintree Clothing has been working with organic fabrics supplier in China. Both, the processes of fabrics supply and clothing production, are dealt with under high standards of fair trade, ensuring safe working conditions and a living wage for the workers. Braintree Clothing is the slow fashion’s advocate who has their own mantra and offers you to make use of it as well: ‘Wear Me, Love Me, Mend Me, Pass Me On’.



Gekko is a UK-based fashion brand and a favourite one in our shop among outside festival and wild nature lovers. Gekko clothing designs are inspired by natural motifs and supernatural characters, fairies, pixies, and shamans, mystical and esoteric rituals with subtle steampunk elements added here and there. Gekko clothing are made for you to feel comfy while looking charming.

Gekko is socially and ecologically responsible company, which supports a vegan lifestyle and offers only animal-free clothing and accessories. Even though Gekko doesn’t work with certified organic cotton, most of its collections are made using surplus or recycled fabrics. Gekko produces their clothing and accessories in small family manufactories in India and Nepal, making sure that the working conditions are safe for the workers’ health, they get enough rest, and get paid a living wage. In the nearest future, Gekko is planning to switch to using only eco-friendly fabrics, such as organic cotton.



In 1999 a creative team from Izrael and Iran founded an alternative, often provocative, and notably original clothing brand for men, women, and children, called Psylo Fashion.  For the last 13 years, Psylo has been creating and working in Bali island, Indonesia, which is famous for its deep traditions in design and crafts. As self-proclaimed ethno punks, Psylo get their inspiration from world’s ancient art heritage, tribal ethno cultures, sacred, mystical, or primitive symbolism, and tattoo art. Psylo designs are also heavily influenced by alternative styles in contemporary street fashion as well as underground music, giving their collections edginess with these refined aesthetical hints of gothic and punk styles.

Psylo is a socially responsible clothing brand, which makes most of its production in Bali manufacture owned by the Psylo team. The brand prioritises the well-being of its workers, laying stress to the healthy working conditions of its producers, creators, and craftsmen, also assuring that they get enough rest and get paid fairly. Psylo is a vertically integrated company, meaning that all of the stages of clothing production is based under one roof.

Most of the clothing that Psylo create are made of fabrics that help to sustain balance in nature – organic cotton, rayon, and silk (note: as we only offer and encourage to wear vegan clothes, silk is not included into the Eco Nation collection). Psylo, however, don’t say no to the added synthetic fabrics that help keep their clothing more elastic and get dyed with more vivid colours. It’s also noteworthy that Psylo recycle the polyester leftovers and incorporate the various fabric remnants into their new clothing designs, which is fun to know, considering their amazing punk design decisions. Psylo use synthetic, although water-based dyes in their products.



Sativa Bags is an in-house brand for Arrogance Accessories, the latter founded back in 1989 in Great Britain. As the tell-tale name indicates, Sativa Bags offer a variety of bags, rucksacks, backpacks, totes, purses, wallets, and caps, made exclusively out of hemp and organic cotton blend.


Hemp is one of the most resistant, durable, and sustainable fabrics out there. Clothing and accessories made of hemp are simply made to last, helping you to cultivate an even more eco-friendly lifestyle by using less. Because of its natural and eco-friendly composition, the products by Sativa Bags decompose in the natural environment, without leaving any trace of toxic waste, while the zippers used in the backpacks, bags, and wallets are good for recycling.

All the accessories by Sativa Bags are made in Hong Kong, strictly relying on the fair trade principles. Arrogance Accessories also support and donate to various charities, such as WWF (World Wildlife Fund) – a well-established international non-profit organization, founded in 1961.



Siesta Crafts was started back in 1983, after its founders came back home to the UK from the travels in Mexico and Guatemala, carrying a bag of authentic handicrafts. It’s no surprise that the handicrafts were so popular in their home country that the founders could switch their market stall into a retail outlet and now own a busy wholesale business as well. Now Siesta Crafts is a well-known retailer in Europe, which offers an incredible variety of handicrafts, clothing, accessories, music instruments, and gifts from around the world.

For more than 15 years Siesta Crafts has been a member of BAFTS – the British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers. Here at Eco Nation we chose to offer you these unique Beni Ghale backpacks from Nepal, made of upcycled tyres and recycled rice bags.